Advanced multidimensional technology Cube: a scientific innovation revolutionizing agricultural data analysis

Research and Development are WAVE’s core activities. As a research program, data
collection and analysis are in essence vital components in the fight against root and tuber
crops viral diseases.

With more than 5000 field surveys conducted since 2015 in the 10 WAVE implementing
countries, data analysis by WAVE researchers can be laborious if the tools provided are not
adapted to the quantity and complexity of the data. To this end, the UK-based company
Scriptoria, which specializes in coaching and training R&D project leaders, has specially
designed a technological data analysis tool called “Cube-data” for WAVE.

Based on state-of-the-art multi-dimensional technology, Cube-data is revolutionizing
agricultural data analysis in Africa by enabling WAVE scientists to centralize data from
cassava field surveys and laboratory analyses from the 13 West and Central African hubs
that constitute the WAVE network, into a unique online database for better data analysis,
interpretation and sharing.

The Cube-data has been placed joint second in the “Non-Physical Project” category (Highly
commended), at the prestigious British Expertise International awards 2020, alongside major
firms such as Turner and Townsend or Mott MacDonald. “We’re all really pleased that
Scriptoria’s work to help international development projects take advantage of cutting-edge
data systems like this has been recognized by such a prestigious group”, said Dr. Jim Weale,
Director of Scriptoria, at the announcement of the 2020 winners.

This technology represents a significant asset for WAVE, a pioneer in Africa in the use of such
database. It has revolutionized the analysis of agricultural data and will lead to better
scientific results that will help to limit the devastating effects of viral diseases on the
livelihoods of smallholder farmers in West and Central Africa.