And so, we gathered upon the Hills of Richmond

From January 22nd to 26th 2018, WAVE team members, along with representatives from their hosting Institutions and BMGF management team members gathered at the Richmond Hill Hotel in London UK, for a readiness convening with the Olivier Mythodrama Workshop.

 The objective of the training was to develop the team’s leadership skills by using the power of theatre (in our case Shakespeare’s Henry V) to engage the imagination. As the Olivier Mythodrama trainers put it, the workshop « provides a clear narrative context for the learning journey ahead. As leaders reflect their own live challenges and development objectives onto the story, they are led on a memorable experiential journey through the ‘case study’ story ».

The workshop proved to be quite a journey indeed, highlighting unsuspected leadership skills, providing the team with practical communication tools and cementing the bonds between all the participants, all to be put in the service of Africa’s smallholder farmers.